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Arne Wall Clock This wall clock is available in three sizes, and its current design is faithful to the original drawings. The clock case supporting the concave glass front gives the clock an appearance of hovering on the wall. Features Designed by Arne Jacobsen Curved crystal AA battery included Sizes 8.3 inch 11.4 inch , 18.9 inch Materials Aluminum case Returns .

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Arne Jacobsen Bankers Wall Clock

Rosendahl has acquired the rights to recreate and manufacture the City Hall.To ensure the clocks are recreated entirely in accordance with and true to the style and spirit of Arne Jacobsen, the Rosendahl design company has initiated close collaboration with the architect and designer Teit Weylandt, who for many years directed product development at Arne Jacobsen's studio and later at Dissing + Weitling.
Arne Jacobsen Station Wall Clock

This new model features a curved mineral glass front and a black aluminum frame, while the beautifully shaped clock hands hint at the piece's pre-war design.
Arne Jacobsen Bankers Mm Wrist Watch

Accordingly, the time graduations are imprinted directly on the dial.
Arne Jacobsen Bankers Wrist Watch

The wrist watches also have the same concave shape as the wall clocks.
Arne Jacobsen Roman Mm Wrist Watch

Arne Jacobsen watches are inspired by the world-renowned Danish design genius whose name they bear.
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