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Braun Wristwatch Available in stainless steel or black plated stainless steel. Both versions come with either stainless steel bracelet or rubber strap. The case of this Braun analog watch is carved of one single block of steel.

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Braun Mens Prestige Digital

The lens is scratch resistant K1 hardened glass.
Braun Mens Prestige Digital Watch

This state of the art Braun digital watch with patented EasySkroll v2.0 operating system is 3 bar 30m and water resistant.
Arne Jacobsen Bankers Mm Wrist Watch

The wrist watches also have the same concave shape as the wall clocks.
Arne Jacobsen Bankers Wrist Watch

Accordingly, the time graduations are imprinted directly on the dial.
Arne Jacobsen Roman Mm Wrist Watch

Arne Jacobsen was one of the leading architectural and design icons of the 20th century, and these watches reflect his design aesthetic - simple, clean and quintessentially Scandinavian.
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