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Conmoto Andirons In his two-piece set of andirons, his sentiment is made visible. Distilling the form to its most fundamental, Peter Maly s andirons are minimal and clean. Made in Germany from stainless steel.

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Conmoto Ferro Fuoco Andirons Pair

Designer Marco Ferreri Italian, born 1958 , tells of a walk in a beautiful valley in Italy.
Conmoto Sebastian Buscher Sino Fireside Tools

Sebastian David Büscher s collection of fireplace accessories is distinguished by the interesting combination of materials and state-of-the-art technology.
Conmoto Peter Maly Wall Mounted Fireplace Tools

Each stainless steel tool is wrapped in round-milled, full-grain leather bands to protect the handle from heat.
Conmoto Peter Maly Fireplace Screen Base

The result: a trio of award-winning tools that meld high functionality with design innovation.
Conmoto Sebastian Buscher Teras Fireside Tools Stand

Tools made of stainless steel.
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