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Conmoto Fireside Tools Designer Peter Maly came up with the idea to create the Fireplace Tools with Stand when he could not find contemporary accoutrements that matched his tastes. Made from stainless steel and leather, the contrast that both of these materials make add a bit of theatrics to the tools and stand. Though these tools have been designed with the timeless refinement of geometric shapes in mind, you'll also appreciate their functionality.

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Conmoto Sebastian Buscher Sino Fireside Tools

Notes ATTENTION: This is a special order item please contact us to place an order.
Conmoto Sebastian Buscher Teras Fireside Tools Stand

Tools made of stainless steel.
Conmoto Peter Maly Fireplace Screen Base

Stand made of glass and stainless steel.
Conmoto Peter Maly Fireside Log Holder

Features Designer: Peter Maly Size 13.8 inch H X 23.6 inch W X 8.3 inch D Materials Stainless steel, leather Returns .
Conmoto Peter Maly Wall Mounted Fireplace Tools

Each stainless steel tool is wrapped in round-milled, full-grain leather bands to protect the handle from heat.
Conmoto Mentas Hardened Crystal Fireplace Screen

The result: a trio of award-winning tools that meld high functionality with design innovation.
Conmoto Ferro Fuoco Andirons Pair

Designer Marco Ferreri Italian, born 1958 , tells of a walk in a beautiful valley in Italy.
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