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Design Side Board It combines a graphic pattern of ribs with natural cane inlays which gives a feeling of lightness and transparency. Air can be used as freestanding room dividers or placed against a wall. The woven cane gives it a visible surface, but also provides a sense of depth.

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Another Country Sideboard Two

Panels of veneered walnut wood or ash wood provide casing for the storage unit whilst solid, rich walnut wood is used on its top.
Design House Stockholm Step Stepladder

Karl Malmvall's Step is another matter.
Design House Stockholm Basket Rug

The rugs graphic pattern pays homage to old handicraft traditions such as birch bark baskets and rucksacks.
Design House Stockholm Torso Chair

The woven leather back is inspired by the traditional hunter chair and gently flirts with Swedish craft traditions.
Design House Stockholm Flip Table

It s not one table, but three: a dining table, desk and sideboard.
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