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Louis Mini Lamp The metal version directs the light directly downwards and creates a soft and comfortable illumination due to the inner white painted shade and the reflection from the trumpet shaped stem. The acrylic version leaves a diffused comfortable light atmosphere due to the color and the downward reflection from the inner shade.The designer and architect Verner Panton 1926-1998 created Panthella together with Louis Poulsen in 1971. Panton s figurative and playful design radiates his larger than life personality.

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Louis Poulsen Panthella Table Lamp

While the hemispherical shade reflects light downward, the majority of the light emitted by the Panthella Table lamp is diffused around the room from the surface of the shade, creating a soft and comfortable ambiance.
Louis Poulsen Collage Pendant

Our perception of light is based on countless layers which filter and reflect the light.
Louis Poulsen Moser Pendant

Designed by Anu Moser, the light source is completely hidden from sight while the globe is suspended gracefully from a unique patented mounting system.
Louis Poulsen Cirque Pendent

When an object spins very fast, colors merge to become horizontal bands of color.
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