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Midgard Wall Light Upon visiting and speaking with the workers, it was discovered that the downward-casting overhead lighting created shadows on their work surfaces. And so the first articulating lamp was designed and patented. Used on the wall or desktop, this adjustable lamp even allows for an optional asymmetrical rotatable shade to block direct light from the user's eye.

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Original Box Wall Light

The glass fits inside the box frame on three sides.
Original Hatton Wall Light

When lit the translucent shade provides an exquisite, warm light.
Louis Poulsen Wall Light

Vilhelm Lauritzen s lamp design, VL38 and the pendant VL45 both designed for Radiohuset, started to appear in Louis Poulsen catalogues after World War 2 in the middle of the 1940s.
Original Weatherproof Ships Well Glass Wall Light

A weatherproof ship's well glass wall light with guard.
Louis Poulsen Nyhavn Outdoor Wall Light

Developed in 1976 the design has become an industry icon with a conical shade that produces a wide beam of downward light.
Midgard K Pendant Light

The swiveling shade allows the user to direct the light where needed.
Midgard Modular Modular Table Lamp

And so the first articulating lamp was designed and patented.
Midgard Spring Balanced Table Light

Articulating, positionable spring-balanced table lamp providing direct illumination of work surface with satisfying chrome toggle switch on shade.
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