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Original Mast Light The supplied LED lamp, has a comparable light output to a typical 35W Halogen, but draws considerably less power 5.3W - saving significant amounts of energy. The lifespan of the lamp is rated at over 40,000 hours, meaning further cost saving when compared to replacing the halogen alternative normally 3000 hours . Originally a mast-mounted fitting for illuminating yacht decks.

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Original Exterior Bracket Light

This wall light has a clean design and suits both traditional and modern locations.
Original Cobb Rise Fall Pendant

With a family history steeped in retail, manufacturing and design, Peter designs the company s products in conjunction with his son Charlie who became Director in 2012.
Original Box Wall Light

The glass fits inside the box frame on three sides.
Original Hatton Pendant Light

Using highly skilled labour intensive processes, bone china has been transformed in to multi faceted, symmetrical, gem-like forms.
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