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Skagerak Chair Stool A classic deck stool with a simple Scandinavian look. Features Relaxing stool for the Between Lines Deck Chair Fits into any outdoor setting Serves as an extension to the chair and offers more relaxation Beautiful Teak construction Designed by Stine Weigelt This item is for the stool only Size 21 inchW x 20.5 inchD x 11 inchH Materials Teak Returns .

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Skagerak Between Lines Deck Chair

Features Relaxing chair for any outdoor setting Beautiful Teak Construction Designed by Stine Weigelt The optional Between Lines Deck Stool serves as an extension and offers more relaxation.
Skagerak Georg Jubilee Stool

The jubilee version revives this original expression of the Georg stool in a novel way, equipped with a rare cushion made of aniline leather from a Swedish tannery called Tärnsjo.
Skagerak Capri Umbrella Foot

The conoid shape of the foot allows rain to drain off and the robust materials stand strong year after year, despite wind and weather.
Skagerak Virkelyst Chair

The simple wooden frame strikes a contrast with the thick, soft cushions.
Skagerak Lilium Lounge Table

The Lilium lounge table is square with the graphic detail stemming from the planks and thus the grain of the wood being placed across, rather than lengthwise; an optical gimmick that lends this table its unique signature.
Skagerak Regatta Lounge Ottoman

Regatta stool is a perfect match with both the lounge chair and garden bench, adding an extra dimension of comfort to the whole series.
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