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Tom Lounge Chair The lattice work of 3mm diameter steel rod is triangulated for maximum strength - an exercise in pure unadorned structure. Tom Dixon is a restless innovator who works mainly in lighting, accessories and furniture. From his departure point in the early eighties welding salvaged steel into radical furniture, he has constantly reinvented himself through a series of different seasons of design.

Fundu Bandei-csúcs Fogarasi-havasok - Kirándulás - Ghid turistic Umerii Pietrei Craiului - Obiective turistice din Romania.

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Tom Dixon Wingback Chair Micro

Its expressive sweeping curves allows designers to specify Wingback in the center of spaces as a sculptural intervention rather than merely a piece of seating.
Four Hands Aurora Chair

A swivel base of natural parawood places a fresh spin on a feminine form.
Four Hands Jack Leather Rocker

Black-finished iron frames sling-style seating of chestnut top-grain leather.
Four Hands Copeland Chair

Slim, cradled framing of brushed oak supports velvet-like seating with a single pillow for added comfort.
Four Hands Corbin Chair

The best way to describe Four Hand's design process is relentless.
Four Hands Augustine Swivel Chair

Swivel feature amps up fresh appeal from every angle.
Tom Dixon Cut Pendant

Its space-age mirror finish when off transforms into a translucent kaleidoscopic gem when on.
Tom Dixon Opal Pendant Light

We decided to remove the usual dangling lightbulb and replace it with our latest LED disc, making an extremely powerful illuminating device.
Tom Dixon Melt Led Pendant

Melt is a distorted lighting globe born from our collaboration with Swedish radical design collective FRONT.
Tom Dixon Flash Table

Tom Dixon is a restless innovator who works mainly in lighting, accessories and furniture.
Tom Dixon Slab Dining Table

Each piece has generous proportions, solid materiality and is softened with a gently radius edge.
Mobila Dormitor Furnir Stejar Rustic

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