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Majolica pottery originated in the 16th century and is primarily distinguished by the milky-white glaze used after the first firing. Majolica pottery is a diverse category of clay arts under which, spanish-influenced talavera and italian maiolica are sub-genres. Mexican majolica primarily differs from traditional talavera in the art form and use of colors. Traditional talavera is known for its intricate pattern work whereas majolica uses more free-form designs and artwork. The santa rosa workshop lies in the mountains of central mexico, high above the city of guanajuato at 8,360 feet. The company takes its name from both the town and the clay of the local sierra de santa rosa mountains used in the pottery. Started by the salazar family, santa rosa has been crafting majolica pottery for over forty-five years. Following tradition, today a group of the salazar grandchildren manage all aspects of the studio, from sourcing and firing the clay to glazing, painting and designing new styles. Sinks

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